This is a Day Care Centre, primarily to expand the range of opportunities available to a person with attaining the age of 10 years for enhancing interpersonal and vocational skills as they are on the transition to higher age groups.  The centre will also offer caregiving support  to Person With Disability (PWD) during the time the PWD is in the Vikaas Centre. In addition It also helps in supporting  family members  of the PWDs with disabilities covered under the National Trust Act to get some time during the day to fulfil other responsibilities.

Day Care

Vikaas Centre provides day-care facilities to PWDs between 8 am to 6 pm along with specific activities. Day care is open for at least 21 days in a month. The batch size of a Vikaas centre is 30 PWDs. The minimum attendance required for a PWD  in the Vikaas centre is 15 days per month.


Vikaas centre has Special Educators (+Vocational Trainers), a Physiotherapist / Occupational Therapist and a Counsellor for PWDs along with Caregiviers and Ayas.

A Physical therapist and speech  also visit the centre on consultancy basis.

Infrastructure facilities

Vikaas centre has  one Medical / Assessment room (with therapeutical aids and appliances), one activity room / vocational room and one recreation room for PWDs.

Vikaas centre also has a personal computer, scanner and net connection for office purpose.

Assistance for setting up work centres (only the set up cost), will be provided by the National Trust depending upon the viability of the proposal and availability of space.

Assessment and Evaluation

PWD  are being assessed and evaluated by experts in the related field on a regular basis to understand their individual needs and also to monitor the progress of the PWD. The Vikaas centre maintains a record of the growth and development charts of the PWD on a regular basis(with the help of experts).


Counselling and guidance especially for Activities for Daily Living (ADL) are being provided to parents / guardians of PWDs. Shanthiniketan also provides assistance to PWDs for further training, education and employment.

Transport Facilities (Optional)

Shanthiniketan also provides transportation facilities to PWDs.